Our company policy sets us up as a leader within our industry

We will secure our position as one of the world’s top-level manufacturers of automotive body parts and endeavor to contribute to the best benefit of society by supplying superior quality, yet economical products in direct response to our customer’s needs.

Company’s Operating Direction

We consider our associates to be our most important resource and treat all associates with respect. We believe that communication is our most essential and invaluable asset. Yachiyo of America aims to pursue Quality, Quantity and Cost to respond to our customer’s needs. We aspire to be absolutely clear about the objectives of management and achieve the established goals. We plan to work in harmony and cooperation with the local community.

Yachiyo of America’s Corporate Philosophy

Yachiyo as a manufacturing company faithfully continues with our main business operation, which is providing technologies and products that are in demand.

In order for Yachiyo to fully become “a company that is recognized and valued by society,” it is necessary to fully understand fundamental beliefs and meet the ever changing demands of society.

Every Yachiyo associate is expected to recognize and exercise the Yachiyo Corporate Philosophy as the key structure of our organization.

Fundamental Beliefs

  • Respect for the individual
  • Customer first

Corporate Principles

  • While maintaining a global viewpoint, we provide superior technologies and distinctive products for the satisfaction of our customers

Code of Conduct

  • Pursue your dreams with ambition and a youthful spirit
  • Develop your awareness and improve skills
  • Create a safe, positive, and harmonious working environment
  • Value time and originality
  • Strive persistently toward your goals
Practice of the Yachiyo Corporate Philosophy

Yachiyo’s Spirit

We believe there is real meaning in having a corporate philosophy, only when it resonates deeply with each employee and is utilized in their actual work ethic. In Yachiyo, we are working with a global mindset to instill this philosophy and our practices into our work family.