Our sunroof design and production has grown to be our flagship operation

Yachiyo started manufacturing sunroofs in 1986 on a consignment basis. Through the years, we’ve acquired integrated production technology and adopted designing and testing systems, which helped us grow the manufacturing of sunroofs as our main product.

The appeal of sunroofs is their ability to give drivers the option to let in the natural light from the sun. It opens up the inside of the car to give spaciousness and freedom through an open air atmosphere.

Yachiyo has its own R&D division to have the unified system from basic research to product development, manufacturing technologies and mass production, and manufactures an extensive line-up of products that accomplish this feeling of spaciousness.

Tilt Inner Slide Sunroof

Our most basic sunroof stores the glass panel in a space between the exterior panel and interior panel of the automotive roof when opening. This type of sunroof is mounted on various vehicles such as Sedans, SUV’s, Mini-Vans and Trucks.

Rear Motor
Standard Sunroof Rear
Front Motor
Standard Sunroof Front

Outer Slide Sunroof

Outer Slide Sunroof

This sunroof is opened by sliding the glass panel above the automotive roof when opening. This type of sunroof can be mounted on vehicles that have a small roof surface, and is also compatible to the dual sunroof mounted vehicles of Mini-Van type.

Pop-up Sunroof

Our pop-up sunroof is opened by lifting up the rear side of the glass panel and is mounted on vehicles mainly for ventilation.

Pop Up Sunroof

Panorama Sunroof

Panorama Sunroof

This sunroof is opened by sliding the glass panels above the automotive roof. By creating a large opening from the front seat to the rear seat, this panorama sunroof creates spaciousness.

This type of sunroof is mainly mounted on vehicles that have large roofs, such as SUV’s and wagon type vehicles.

Our sunroofs provide maximum openness for all passengers

By minimizing component parts, our sunroofs provide maximum sensation of freedom to customers. Our team are experts at designing cohesive and functional ideas that reduce side structural parts to create minimalistic sunroofs.

Standard Sunroof Opening

Outer Slide Twin Sunroof
Delivering joy by providing open roof systems

Utilizing Yachiyo’s unique strengths in mass-production research and development of roof systems, we are working on expanding variations of the roof system leading to “pleasure of ownership” and “joy of driving” the vehicle.