Yachiyo of America’s Region Conduct Guidelines

Under the guidance of the Yachiyo Corporate Philosophy, and driven by our aspiration to achieve our shared goal, Yachiyo has expanded its global business operation. Through this effort, we have shared “joy” with people around the world and established trust with our customers, colleagues, and society.

As a result of our global expansion, Yachiyo associates now conduct business in numerous countries and regions around the world. For Yachiyo to reinforce the trust it has established, it is essential for each individual associate’s conduct to be “sincere” based on the Yachiyo Corporate Philosophy.

By “sincere”, we mean be diligent and free from deceit and hypocrisy. We have established the Yachiyo Conduct Guideline to define “sincere” conduct that we expect all associates working at Yachiyo around the world to follow and live by.

Business Ethics Improvement Hotline

There are 3 different ways to report a concern to the Corporate Governance Hotline.

Phone Message Center

AYM: 614-853-5106

YOA: 614-876-3300

USY: 740-251-2315

YMA: 678-390-6346



Self-addressed envelopes & forms are available at each Yachiyo facility

Please make every effort to resolve the issues at your worksite facility, however, it is recognized at times this may not be possible.

Associates or affiliates of Yachiyo who in good faith report possible violations of the Corporate Governance Code of Conduct, may do so without fear of retaliation by Yachiyo Management. Yachiyo Compliance Officers will investigate all allegations of retaliation.

Information given to the hotline will be protected in a responsible manner. Information will be discussed on a need to know basis only, will be discussed in private, and will be disclosed only when required by law.

Your concern may be about safety or environmental hazards, people issues, accounting practices, or any other possible violation of the law or policy. Regardless, you are obligated to report it! Provide as many facts as you can, but you don’t need all the facts. We do expect that the information provided is truthful.