In passenger cars market. the demand for long FCV tanks is increasing as the ability to install them in the center console allows for greater layout flexibility. Yachiyo is working on the development of longer length hydrogen tanks without sacrificing quality.

Development Elements

Liner Development


Shape optimization

We optimized the shape of the tank, as longer tanks increase shrinkage at low temperatures, which may result in excessive distortion.

Lengthening (three-piece welding)

As the high-pressure tank is a critical safety part, we prioritized quality when deciding on specifications and manufacturing methods.

Dome: Injection Molding
Intermediate Cylinder: Injection
Molding Joint: Heat Welding

hydrogen tank

Tow Prepreg Development

Reductions in weight and cost

Material Development

CFRP resin physical properties and CFRP strength expression rate improved. FW amount reduced.

Overview of Developed Products

Target Performance Value of Developed Products

*GTR phase 2: Burst pressure requirements currently under consideration in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles UN Global Technical Regulation (HFCV-gtr).

[Future development]

We will continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers, also actively work on developing further usages for hydrogen tanks.